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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still sign up?

No, the application deadline has passed now.

Will the tutorials be recorded? Will they be available online? How about a live stream?

We will record all talks during the summer school and, subject to speakers' permission, release them online later in 2017, after the school has ended. At the moment we are not planning a live stream.

Is there a vegetarian option during the lunches / dinners?

All the catered lunches and dinners, including the conference banquet, will be buffets (so you can help yourself). There will always be vegetarian alternatives available. If you have other dietary requirements, please let us know.

Do you grant ECTS credit points?

Since there will be no examination we do not grant credit points. However, you will receive an attendance certificate at the end of the summer school, which might enable you to get credits from your home university. But this is something we won't be able to help with but solely up to your negotiation talent.

Can I change the title and content of my poster?

The corresponding field in the application asks for a tentative poster title. Feel free to change the content of your poster, even present something completely different from what you originally proposed. The point of the poster is to give you a chance to present your own work to the other participants. As long as you are confident about presenting it to your colleagues, it's fine with us.

What size should my poster be?

Our poster boards fit posters up to A0 size, in both landscape and portrait format.

Can I print posters in Tübingen?

In principle, yes. There are several printing services in town (for example this one). However, their opening times do not always harmonize with the MLSS schedule, and we can make no statements about prices, quality or the staff's English language skills. If you can print your poster at home and bring it along in a poster tube, that's probably the best option.