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Applications Now Closed

The application system server has closed on 10 February 2017. To all applicants, please make sure that your reference letter arrives by 17 February 2017, as the review period will start then. Applicants will be selected competitively by internal review based on the submitted documents.


The fees for the school cover tuition, lunch, coffee breaks, and the banquet. For this MLSS, the fees are

Please note that the fees do not cover accommodation. Lodging will have to be arranged by the participants themselves. We will endeavour to help you in your search through this website.

Important Dates:

Travel Stipends

A very limited number of stipends will be available to students in need of financial support. Recipients of such stipends will be informed of the details in their confirmation mail.

Some frequently asked questions

There have been repeated questions regarding the poster sessions. Posters are a long-standing tradition at the MLSS. Each applicant is asked to bring along a poster presentation covering some of their own work. This does not need to be published work (ongoing work, or work resulting from undergraduate projects is also fine, were applicable). While the day program covers broad areas of general interest, the poster sessions offer participants a chance to discuss their own work with their peers. The poster presentations will be a relaxed affair: Posters will be distributed across a room, with participants presenting to small groups of two or three standing in front of their posters.