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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I missed the application deadline. But now that the MLSS 2020 is a virtual event. Can I apply?
    • The application deadline has passed. Unfortunately, we can no longer consider more applications. We note that all lectures will be livestreamed to Youtube, and remain there for the general public to watch. Additional benefits that our selected participants receive are possibilities of social interaction (virtually) among fellow participants, and interaction with our speakers. Due to logistical constraints, the size of these social activities has to be kept small to make them manageable and meaningful.
  2. I did not apply / I was not selected to attend. But now that the MLSS 2020 is a virtual event. Can I see the online lectures?
    • Yes. All lectures will be livestreamed to Youtube, and remain there for the general public to watch. Links to all video lectures will be posted in due course on this page. The presentation slides will also be accessible (subject to approval by the speakers).
  3. My major subject is (x). I do not think it is directly related to machine learning. So, the poster that I will present will be about (x). Is this okay?
    • We emphasize that everyone is welcome to apply to the MLSS 2020 regardless of their major of study, occupation, gender, nationality, disability, etc. If your poster is about (x) and it does not have a machine learning element in it, then please think about how you can use machine learning to improve your project. Consider listing possible directions where your project can benefit from having a machine learning component. This can be an idea in a future work section. Ultimately the poster presentation is to promote information exchange, and interaction among participants. You will present your poster to fellow participants with diverse backgrounds as well as invited speakers. It is a good chance for them to learn about your project on (x), and for you to get comments on how to improve your work with machine learning.

Applying to the MLSS 2020 (Note: the deadline has passed)

  1. I just started my master/PhD program. I have nothing to present as a poster. Can I still apply?
    • Posters are a long-standing tradition at the MLSS. Presenting a poster is mandatory for students. This does not need to be published work. Ongoing work, or work resulting from undergraduate projects is also fine. If you just started your course and have not yet started a project, please consider presenting a past project that is related to machine learning.
  2. The application form asks for tentative title and abstract for my poster. Can I change these details later?
    • It is possible that your work will have improved from the time you submit the tentative title and abstract, to the time you attend the MLSS if you are selected. In this case, yes, you can update the title and abstract of your poster later when you register to attend the MLSS. Please note that it must be the same project. The application form only asks for tentative title and abstract. You do not need to upload your poster file when you apply.
  3. I am a student. But I do not yet have a supervisor. The MLSS 2020's application requires that I give details of my supervisor. Can I still apply?
    • Yes, you can. When you fill out the application form, please simply leave the details of your supervisor blank. On the last page of the application form, there is a "comments" field. Please explain your situation in the field. Also please make sure that you are allowed (by the university, for instance) to travel to the MLSS 2020 if you are selected and decide to attend.
  4. I submitted my application. But I forgot to upload my CV [, or I uploaded a wrong CV]. What should I do?
    • Contact us and include the following information: 1. your full name, 2. email address you gave in the application form, 3. CV (in pdf) that you would like to upload. We will attach the CV to the application that you submitted. You cannot edit your application that was already submitted.
  5. I can only attend part of the summer school, not the entire duration. What should I do?
    • If you know that you will not be able to attend the summer school in its entirety, we do not encourage you to apply. Please consider applying to other iterations of the MLSS, or other related machine learning schools where you can fully attend. We would like all the participants to gain full experience at the MLSS and therefore strongly encourage all participants to attend our summer school in its entirety.
  6. I just graduated. At the moment, I am in a transition period between two positions. Can I be considered as a student when I apply?
    • If you just graduated and are unemployed, for the purpose of applying and attending the MLSS, we can treat you as a student. You are then allowed to mark yourself as a student in the application form. But please explain your situation clearly in the comments field on the last page of the application form. We will consider this kind of situation on a case by case basis.